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Personalized Email Marketing

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Personalized email marketing? But why? Guess what, your customers might not act like it, but they want you to make them feel special and automating personalized emails is just one of the many automated marketing tools available through Wrk . Move past merge fields by integrating account details, personalized notes, and tailored recommendations into special emails that sound and look human.



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Wrk Beyond APIs

Wrk isn’t limited to APIs, which means it can connect to all your tools without gaps or restrictions.


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Access a library of robots that complete actual work—from copying-pasting to cleaning and reporting.


Wrk Beyond Software

Receipt scans, ancient systems, audio files, and images. Our library has a bot for that too.

“The Wrk Platform is bringing automation to anyone across any enterprise. With the intuitive logic of Wrkflows and their team’s expertise, there is no need to understand any tech jargon or to hire an army of consultants to bring automation to your team.” Sanjay Zimmerman, White Star Capital

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